B2 is a live haring kennel.  If you carry all the trail beer with you, not only will you earn the respect of your pack mates as a total bad ass, but it will force you to reconsider adding 15 beer checks.  We love that nectar, but there’s plenty of time to drink it all after trail.  That said, don’t be afraid of getting creative.  Schedule a beer truck or a bar stop or whatever bares your bottom.

B2 Hashers are ready to run any trail at any time.  When you decide its your turn to lead trail, announce it!  No need to wait for mis-management approval.  We’ll do everything we can to get folks at your trail if you do let us know.

Never hared before, but want to? Let your Uncle Bondage know which one you want to hare.  We’ll help you find someone that has set at least 10 trails to show you the ropes.

Where has B2 run before?

Standard Markings