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A Kinky Space Oddity!

When’s the last time you forgot being in San Francisco?  Yeah, me too.  SFH3’s anal adventure, Bay to Blackout, is cumming soon!  13-15 May.  For those of you who don’t know the halfminds by the bay with the help of all the area kennels host 12 days of hashing.  The whole shebang coincides with the 105th Bay to Breakers race across San Francisco.  You, me, and 100,000 of our closest friends will put on costumes (or take them off), huck tortillas, and find all the little bodegas to grab one more ice cold beer for the course.  Oh yeah, but we’ll be doing it on-on the sly.  Grab your rego, cash in some airline miles and get your best robot outfit ready!  http://www.sfh3.com/sections/9