GM: Just Cool Hand Luke (don’t send any email)

Religious Advisor: Dr. Penis Venkman (don’t send any email)

On-Sec: Uncle Bondage, Esq. (send email)

Webmeister: going Down On A bull moose (send email)




GM: The GM is expected to be on call 24-7 for a game of fetch, to bark at strangers (and in CHL’s case) friends alike.  He will pretend he has never met you before until you aren’t paying attention and then pester you relentlessly.  Good luck trying to pet the GM.  He’s a wee clever bastard who never gets tired of running.

RA: This poor bastard has to keep you entertained for 15 minutes before trail and 30 minutes afterwards.  He shucks and jives and keeps things alive while maximizing the amount of beer that gets poured onto your face.  He will happily listen to your complaints after religion, but really wants funny shit screamed out DURING circle.

On-Sec: Your on-on secretary.  On-Sec keeps track of all the records, who ran what trail, who farted uncontrollably evacuating the bar (and colon), who is due for a big hug at next trail for feats of heroic liver.  He keeps track of the email list. If you fail to show up at trail because you didn’t know about it, it’s On-Sec’s fault.

Webmeister: The Webmeister has the dishonour of managing the website and Facebook pages of B2H3, and generally making sure that none of the other members of mis-man don’t do anything stupid online.



Mis-Man will meet at least 4 days before any trail.  All named hashers are invited to join.  It’s likely the meeting will be less than 5 minutes to avoid disrupting valuable beer drinking time.



Erections will be held anally, on the date closest to B2H3’s founding.  October 3, 2014.  Any named hasher who has run 10 trails and hared 5 times with B2H3 is eligible for mis-management.



The pack may veto any decision by the half-minds of mis-management with a simple vote.  It is STRONGLY encouraged that this happen before trail because once we all get completely hamboned after circle feelings get hurt and we forget that we love hashing.