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On the 1st Day of Hashmas…

My true hare gave to me,
The FRB drunk on his face!

Dogs! ID!
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Great Success! A Hashmukkah Wrap Up.

The Bear Bottom Hash House Hare and Hound Hashing Society would like to extend our most sincere thanks for all of you true blue hashers who came out for the Miracle of Hashmukkah.  It was the first attempt at a run series for B2.  Despite it being a colossally silly idea, y’all came out for it.  Thank you.  In 8 days of trails we had 58 bodies on trail including some virgins.  For a brand new kennel running on week nights in the winter, that’s amazing.

Special thanks go out to the Hares: Minnesota Goat Fucker, Donnie The Retard, Unholy Nipples, and I’d Fuck Me.  And thanks to anyone who suffered through another one of Uncle Bondage’s trails.  Congratulations also go out to I’d Fuck Me for being the very first hare in B2’s long and illustrious history to be snared.  Unholy Nipples & Red Blood Gives You Wings and Takes A Bigger Cock & Stretch Ass Strong nearly snared Uncle B on two separate trails, but damn can that racist run when doesn’t want to give it up.

Hashit for the entire series was awarded to Dr. Penis Venkman for having come up with the idea in the first place.  Thanks for the excuse to go running every night brother.

Hashmukkah Patches are in the works:
Donnie The Retard, Struggle Snuggle, Dr. Penis Venkman, Red Blood Gives You Wings, Mandingo Massacre, Uncle Bondage, Esq. Stretch Ass Strong, Unholy Nipples, I’d Fuck Me, Minnesota Goat Fucker
Tell Uncle B you paid for a patch dammit if you aren’t on this list.

5 Min Mis Man Meeting Notes

TRAIL: Saturday! West! Uncle Bondage! Mata Harey! Continue reading

5 Min Mis Man

Monday! Blue Fox! Seat Of The Pants Trail Planning! Lots Of Exclamation!!!
3461 E Tudor Road @ 18:00-18:05 (Hash Standard Time)

$5 Trash

Holy Balls was it cold out at Potter Marsh for the 5 dollar make you hollah hashtravaganza.  Despite the utter crap weather and threats of ice skating, a hand full of intrepid hashers came out.  Thanks for your continued support Stretch Assstrong, Dr. Penis Venkman & Just Cool Hand Luke, Takes A Bigger Cock, Unholy Nipples, Meat Rackretad, Not Too Sharpie, Minnesota Goat Fucker & Just Finn McGee, No Chodes Barred.  Welcome for the first time Mandingo Massacre and Georgy Porgy. Continue reading

Harebrained Trails

Guess what half minded idea came out of the bar this week?

It’s very nearly the suicide season, so get ready for some serious trails

The Miracle of Hanukkah – there was only enough flour for one trail, but it lasted for 8 trails. Hanukkah starts the evening of December 17. Dr. Venkman somehow convinced Uncle B to be responsible for this series.

Kwanza – Mouthy Bitch (and possibly Bet He Crocked Her) will be teaching us about the 7 principles and leading us on a trail.

The 12 days of Christmas – Uncle B, realizing what a pile of shit he stepped in, decided that Dr. Penis Venkman also needed to run the 12 days of Christmas. This series will run December 24 – January 6.

Locations forthcoming.

B2 does not run on days that A2 _uns.