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B2H3 #142: Wet and Wild

WHO: Going Down On A Bull Moose
WHAT: B2H3 142: Wet and Wild
WHEN: Saturday May 12, 13:00 HA 13:30
WHERE: Prospect Heights Trailhead
WHY: It’s Spring in Alaska, and we need to get back out Into The Wild! Bring your trail shoes, your need for beer, and some dry clothes, because I can guarantee you’ll need them.

Trail is A-A, dog friendly, children if they are independent, and virgins are guaranteed to leave sore. Hash Cash accutane if $5, parking is also $5 as it is at a trailhead, so either carpool, bring extra cash, or get a parks permit.

B2H3 110 IceMile/4X40/4xUltra

Oh holy shit really?  It’s time for feets of winter stupidity already?  It’s Nut Wrangler and Unholy Nipples hashy birthday so that must mean its time for us to strap knives to our feet in order to drink copious amounts of malt liquor.  What’s that you say?  Why would I do that you say?  For GLORY!  Thus far there are only 3 hashers who have been so gloriously half-minded to complete the 4×40.

Just in case you aren’t clear on what’s happening, and because I like the sound of my own voice:

WHO: All the halfminds

  • ICE MILE – drink a beer, do a lap. repeat 4 times.  Ice skates encouraged. (Approximately 1.5 miles total)
  • 4×40 – Drink a 40, skate a lap.  Repeat 4 times.  Ice skates required, helmet required on lap 4, sober driver required. (Approximately 1.5 miles total)
  • 4xULTRA – Drink a 40, run around Westchester. Drink a 40, run Westchester in reverse. Repeat 2 times.  Helmet is a good idea, sober driver required.  (Approximately 8 miles). New for 2017!!!

WHEN: Saturday 4 March 2017 – 13:00 – Start when your event when you arrive.
WHERE: Westchester Lagoon
WHY: All the glory.  And a sweet patch.

“Trail” is A-A.  If you intend to participate in the 4×40 or 4xULTRA you MUST RSVP so I can get you 40s and you MUST HAVE A SOBER DRIVER.  You will not be allowed to participate without one.  You are strongly encouraged to bring a helmet with you.  Hash cash for the Ice Mile is $5.  Hash Cash for the 40 events is $20 (That shit is expensive yo!).

Dogs, kids, strollers are all fine.  Cake is not a lie.

Welcum Brother Hasher

You say good bye, we say hello!  Hello! Hello!

Now that we’ve finally gotten to know you enough to give you a name we can remember, it’s time for you to leave the island of Alaska.  You always have a berth here DIEGO THE FLAMING DRAGON (formerly George Fernando).

B2H3 101: Make it a Habit

50016100140__a7e0ec5a-42e2-4305-8a71-16b0e2fb0a63Normally, this is where I make up something that I think is pithy, hoping to convey my excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming trail.  Today I think it’s best if I just share the exchange I had with the hare and you can make up your own mind about what to do.

gDOAbm: Make it a habit! Trail starts at University Lake Park, on Elmore.  ID required.  No dogs, no strollers.  Cleats and ice skates strongly recommended.

UncleB: Skates?

gDOAbm: Mostly a joke.  There is lake ice on trail.

There you have it folks.  Bring out your finest nunwear for the shiggiest this shoulder season can offer.  going Down On A bull moose and Rojo Hammer Toe all the way from squarebanks are showing it off for us to show off.

Saturday 1300 – Hares at 1330 – Nun costumes highly encouraged.  Hash cash is always $5.

Rojo is going to be in town for the weekend so be prepared for extra credit events!

Welcum Brother Hasher

Join us in giving a rousing B2 welcum to the latest George to join us – OLD FACEFUL (née George Andrew).  Buy him a beer and ask him to tell you a story!

Team Bear Bottom

Aloha race-ists!  Here’s yet another opportunity to nerd out with metrics for running.  Some of you already use Strava to track your runs.  Now there’s a way for us all to track the hashes.  Yup, we’re a Strava Club! Hopefully this will give us a good way to record where we run so future hares can explore new areas!  Or revisit old favorites.

Is the whole pack happi?

You bet your ass we are!  You can be too with one of these sweet new B2H3 heavy weight cotton canvas happi coats fresh from Best Korea.  Now only Fifty American Dollars!   They’re ready for you to customize however you want.  Got a funky spelling of your name?  Run it over to Big Ray’s on 6th to get it embroidered.  Want a drunk rabbit bear foot patch on the right side instead of the left?  You can do that too, it’s your coat, you can do whatever you want.  We’re not your supervisor.

We only have a handful of them in stock, so get one while the getting is good.

happi-front happi-back backpatch

You can ONLY pay for these online.  And you can ONLY pick them up from trail.

24 Trails in 24 Hours

Rego is finally live!  $24 until 1 June, $48 afterwards.  Rego early rego often.

What’s 24/24?  I’m so glad you asked see for all the details fit to print.


B2 Happi Coats

You’ve seen one around.  You know you want to get some of that sweet brown wrapped around your shoulder.  Despite asking over and over who you have to blow to get one there’s just no satisfaction.  Until now!  In typical B2 spirit, if you want a Happi Coat you can make one yourself!  The plans are right here: Happi Coat Cut Plan

When you’re ready for the back patch, hit up Uncle B.  Demand he figure out how much they’re actually going to cost.

24 Trails in 24 Hours

From the same great halfminds that brought you other spectacularly stupid trails as 12 Trails of Hashmas, 8 Trails of Hashmukkah, and the 4 x 40 Ice Challenge …

24 Trails in 24 Hours!

That’s right, 24 hours of hashing. On 25 June 2016, just a few days after summer solstice, the Bear Bottom Hash House Harriers are hosting an entire day dedicated to hashing in an entire day of daylight!

For the low low price of $25 you get:
•Hard starts every 3 hours•Trails 1-2 miles in all kinds of shiggy
•Sweet patch with all kinds of flair for every trail you run
•Some kind of sag wagon to move your shit from A-B
•Did we mention beer?
•Great Alaskan Weather
•24 hours of daylight!

Rego discounts for all the hares.  Send an email to to rego or volunteer to hare.