B2H3 116 Ninilchik Open Her

Aloha!  As you are all aware, IT’S SUMMER IN ALASKA!  That means everyone is about to fuck off into the wild until first snow (only 10 weeks away!).  Since we have been tracking your attendance for years and calculating where you are traveling to (local spikes in beer consumption), the scientistific half-minds that brought you B2 have determined that to maximize summer hashing potential, the next hash will travel to where you’re already going to be!

WHO: Software
WHAT: B2 116 – Ninilchik Open Her
WHEN: Saturday 27 May 2017 – Evening after the fishing trip
WHERE: Ninilchik (Directions below)
WHY: Because it’s Memorial Day Weekend and the King Opener is Sunday.

Trail will be A-A, Dog friendly, no strollers. No hash cash.

If you’re going to camp, there’s a $10 fee PER PERSON.  If you want to fish Sunday for the opener, get your fishing license and a king stamp.  Even if you don’t want to fish, get one so someone else can catch for you. (Nudge nudge wink wink).

If you want to go clamming Saturday, talk to Software or Lost and Found.  There’s one spot available right now.

Otherwise bring your bug dope, your fat bike, and a place to sleep for an Alaskan beach blanket bingo party.

DIRECTIONS: Directions to the charter and cabins. Mile 141.3 of the sterling hwy – 3 miles past Deep Creek launch. Rt side of the road or bluff side. Ninilchik, AK. The site is rented for Saturday and Sunday.