B2H3 41: Bombs Away!

70 years ago Saturday Fat Man was unleashed in the second live target atomic weapons test over Nagasaki, Japan, in an hare brained attempt to scare the Soviets away from eastern Europe.  Turns out it wasn’t a great plan.  So to commemorate making bad decisions and getting bombed, let’s go hashing!

WHO: Struggle Snuggle
WHAT: B2H3 #42
WHEN: Saturday 8 August 1300 HA 1330
WHERE: Cheney Lake Park approximately 2377 Baxter Road
WHY:  Because sake is delicious and has magical powers to make me attractive

A-A; Dogs YES!; Strollers NO!; ID NO! Hash Cash is always $5

Upcumming trails:
Since your name isn’t Donnie the Retard, you haven’t hared recently.  I know you’re clamoring to lay some sweet trail. Pick a date and let me know!  Need a name?  Best sign up, someone will help you out.

9/5/15 SOUTH Donnie the Retard
9/12/15 B2 Invades WhitehorseH4 Travel Hash
9/19/15 B2 Invades Chena Hotsprings Travel Hash
10/3/15 NORTH Donnie the Retard
10/31/15 H0LoWEEN! Ho White and the 7 Dwarfs