B2H3 $5 #5 Hash Special: SOUTH

Calling all Hashers!  Saturday is coming soon, and that means A HASHING DAY!!!!  This week we’re running out of the south.  Head down to Potter Marsh, South Parking lot at 1pm.  Hares away at 1:30.

Who: Uncle Bondage, Esq. & Dr. Penis Venkman
What: The Five Dollah Make You Hollah Fifth HashstravaganzaWhen: Saturday November 29th at 1pm, Hares at 1:30
Where: Potter Marsh – SOUTH
Why: To celebrate Saturday after Thanksgiving by shaking off the turkey coma!

Trail will likely be A:A.  Dog friendly; but Circle will not be.  ID required only for circle.  Shiggy 1-2 unless you go through the ice.  (Safety Third)