B2H3 54 Winter Wabbits

Break out you best winter whites for a brisk and EARLY run through Kincaid park.  There’s a couple of wascally wabbits are going to shake their tails at the pack:  Uncle B yet again and George Corine for the first time.  We’re going to get started early and finish early for all the wankers who want to go to the bear and bearlywine festival closer to our regular time.

WHO: Uncle Bondage, Esq. & George Corine
WHAT: B2 54 Winter Wabbit
WHEN: Saturday 23 January 2016 1000 Hares away 1030
WHERE: Little Campbell Lake (61°09’48.2″N 150°01’24.4″W
WHY: George Corine had a shitty trail the last time out with Uncle B.  He’s determined to prove he can do better.

Trail is A-A.  Dogs ok, no ID for trail but circle is in a bar (probably).  NO Strollers.  Hash cash is always $5