On the 11th Trail of Hashmas…

My True Hare gave to me,
11 Hashers Hashing,10 Whistles blowing,
9 Songs a singing,
8 Boobs a showing,
7 Cocks a swinging,
6 False Indictments,
5 Naughty Checks!
4 Water Crossings,
3 Virgins Cumming,
2 Bags of Flour and
The FRB drunk on his faaaaaace.

Minnesota Goat Fucker is braving the wilds of the west side for 11th trail.  Join us MONDAY at 6pm for the penultimate trail of Hashmas.

1/5 6pm Hares Away at 6:30
Javier Dela Varga Softball fields at 1950 W 56th Ave

Dogs: YES ID: No

Hash cash: FREE!

Patch Whores:  If you want the series patch it’s $20 which covers all of the circles we’ve had and are having for the series. The Hashmukkah patches are nearly done.