On the 5th trail of Hashmas…

My true hare gave to me,
5 naughty Checks,
4 water crossings,
3 virgins cumming,
2 bags of flour,
and the FRB drunk on his face.

Tuesday night Unholy Nipples will lead us through a merry chase leaving out of Taku Park on the 5th trail of Hashmas. Join us for another fun run on the still beautiful pre-dead of winter snow covered trails of south (ish) Los Anchorage.

Tuesday 12/30/14 18:00 HA 1830
Taku Park 100 East 76th Ave

Dogs: NO ID: YES Shiggy: 1-1.5

Hash Cash: FREE. If you want the series patch it’s $20 which also covers circle on the last night.

Thanks to Motley Speww and Struggle for the sweet verses.