Bear Bottom Hash House Harriers were founded by Dr. Penis Venkman and Uncle Bondage, Esq. in October 2014.  Dr. Venkman wanted to put his experiences with Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers to good use for the Anchorage hashing community.  Uncle B just wanted an excuse to run more often.  They joined up to bring twice as many opportunities for all the Anchorage hashers to get out on trail.  B2 was founded on the original philosophy of the Hash House Harriers in mind:

1. to promote physical fitness among our members,
2. to get rid of weekend hangovers
3. to acquire a good thirst and satisfy it with beer
4. to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel.

B2 descended from

  • Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers – Daddy Rabbit, 1988
  • Yongsan Kimchi H3 – Underlubber, 1987
  • Samurai H3 – Uncle Milty, 1984
  • Okinawa H3 – Jock Trader, 1980
  • Taipei H3 – Organ, 1973
  • Singapore H3 – 1962
  • Hash House Harriers – Kuala Lumpur – A. S. Gispert, 1938