B2H3 132: Bunny’s Soso Refux

A few of us set a race course for the Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race this last week, but due to municipal limitations, couldn’t do things like leave alcohol on trail, or run across illegal bridges. Plan on it being a wet, dirty, romping good time. Bring a change of clothes, or not, I’m not your mother.

WHO: going Down On A bull Moose and Uncle Bondage, Esquire
WHAT: B2H3 132: Bunny’s Soso Refux
WHEN: Saturday September 30 13:00 HA 13:30
WHERE: Tozier Track, across from the Blue Fox
WHY: not enough alcohol on the race course on Tuesday

A-A, dog friendly, not stroller friendly, ID a good idea in case it’s cold out or water is coming from the sky.