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B2H3 #3: Blue Line Blow Job

tldr: 11/1/2014 1300 HA: 1330 – Harvard Park E Harvard Ave 99501 (Curling Club Parking Lot) – A:A Dogs: Always – ID: Circle

Harriers and Harriets! It’s time to welcome the first of November with a *run* along the blue line. Because this is the third week we’re going out of the north. (Didn’t know we were rotating around Los Anchorage along the compass rose did ya? We are! It’s B2 Tradition.) Come on out to Harvard Park on Government Hill for a lively trail, some spectacular views (weather permitting) and a little light refreshment. It’s been a little chilly out so dress accordingly, but no headlamps are necessary (because we still have a few minutes of sunlight in the middle of the day). Bring your dog, your virgin, and $5 because we’re going to chase away that Halloween hangover.

Who: Uncle Bondage, Esq.
What: B2H3 #3: Blue Line Blow Job
When: Saturday 11/1/2014 @ 1 pm – Hare away at 1:30 pm
Where: Harvard Park on Government Hill E Harvard Ave 99501 (aka the Curling Club Parking lot)
Why: To cure the previous day’s hangover, work up a new great thirst, and satisfy it with beer.

Trail is A to A with a short drive to circle.

Your On-Sec,
Uncle Bondage, Esq.

Edit: I Want Anal *stomp* was good enough to point out that the address was showing up as someone’s house.  It’s the curling club.  Thanks for that and see all y’all on Hashing Day.