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Harebrained Trails

Guess what half minded idea came out of the bar this week?

It’s very nearly the suicide season, so get ready for some serious trails

The Miracle of Hanukkah – there was only enough flour for one trail, but it lasted for 8 trails. Hanukkah starts the evening of December 17. Dr. Venkman somehow convinced Uncle B to be responsible for this series.

Kwanza – Mouthy Bitch (and possibly Bet He Crocked Her) will be teaching us about the 7 principles and leading us on a trail.

The 12 days of Christmas – Uncle B, realizing what a pile of shit he stepped in, decided that Dr. Penis Venkman also needed to run the 12 days of Christmas. This series will run December 24 – January 6.

Locations forthcoming.

B2 does not run on days that A2 _uns.