B2 131 Equinox Hangover Hash Invasion Team

Aloha fair Los Anchoraginos. Aurora H3 is hosting their last trail before winter sets in this cumming Sunday. Roofie Le Toit has invited each and every one of us to try to catch his vaguely bearded ass. Trail is starting at the Oasis Lounge (734 University Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709) at 10:00. Brunch to follow trail.

As an added bonus for any race-ists out there, the Equinox Marathon will be on Saturday at UAF at 08:00.

Hangover Trail for the Equinox Marathon.

WHO: All Hashers Everywhere
WHAT: Hangover Trail (will be less than 26.2 miles)
WHY: Fuck you, that’s why
HARE: Roofie Le Toit
WHERE: The Oasis (now smoke free!) so we can have food after.
BRING: $5 Hash Cash, Virgins you picked up, and new shoes that you bought during the race.

No idea what time DOA is leaving Anchorage. I’ll be headed up around 15:00 Friday with two open berths. Crash space should be negotiated directly with a Fairbankian!