B2H3 Trail 130ish No Time Out

And now, a message from your hares: “YOU MUST HAVE ID!!! Not dog or stroller friendly. Dry bag might be a good idea. Bring enough for you and a friend. Bring a book. Bring whips and chains. Bring your piña coladas and get caught in the rain. Bring a baseball bat and a blind fold. Don’t forget your towel.”

WHO: Donnie the Retard and Long Story Short Dick
WHAT: Timeout Lounge 4600 Old Seward Highway https://goo.gl/maps/AfU6dL85bQx
WHEN: Saturday 2 September 13:00 HA 13:30
WHERE: Shit, fucked that one up

A-?, No dog/stroller. ID Required. Hash Cash $5