5 Min Mis Man Meeting Minutes

•Red Blood updated with deets for #26
•Red Blood ordered a dozen pairs of brown socks with orange “B2H3” text.  Those should be around in a few more weeks.•Red Blood volunteered to spearhead haberdashery.  As with all things at B2, everyone is encouraged to undertake any project they want even if someone else has that “job.”  e.g. Strummin N Cummin is ordering “B2H3” text bag tags (also brown with orange text).

•Uncle B will be distributing the Hashmukkah patches at Trail starting on Saturday.
•Uncle B would like to start asking all unnamed hashers one serious question and one absurd question at each trail to generate ideas for possible names.

•I’d Fuck Me sprang for beer and tots.

•The Nut Wrangler showed up on full hash time, but still manged to find the bar.

•Dr. Penis Venkman called Uncle B several days ago with a whole list of important things to bring up, but Uncle B was drunk and forgot to write anything down.