B2 111: Invasive Feces with Juneau H3

Aloha and happy upcumming amateur drinking day!  Yes, its that time of year when every Tom, Dick, and Sean falls off the bar stool with his silly green hat insisting that he’s True IRISH (Real Irish?) because he does something we do every other day of the year.  Not that I’m bitter about all these potato suckers messing up my bar time.  This year, we’ve convinced Mouthy Bitch, the elusive Grand Mistress of Juneau H3 to host a “trail” for us at the capitol.  The plan is to mount up Thursday and drive mach louie out to her private island before driving back to Los Anchorage on Sunday (Alaska Air 64; 67).  All are welcome to join! Green optional.  Orange encouraged.

WHO: Mouthy Bitch
WHAT: B2 111 – Invading Juneau
WHEN: Thursday 16 March – Sunday 19 March
WHERE: ANC, JNU – Parts unknown at times unknown.  It’ll be a surprise.  You’ll like it.
WHY: Because JH3 never ever hashes?

It turns out that BNB and Just Angelina are either getting married or getting bent Friday night in Anchorage probably aren’t going to make trail  Given the last minute nature of their impending nuptials, and the logistical difficulties of driving to Juneau, I suspect that many Anchorage hashers will be celebrating in town.  (Sekrit) Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056406734464730/