B2H3 115 Bear Bottom Bourbon Beer Brautwurst Bikini Barbeque Hash

Your hare, Grannies and Trannies, Oh My! says:

Trail starts at Hillside parking lot... Usual time. 1pm. Hares are gay 130. Saturday. 5 dollars hash cash. Its the Bear Bottom Bourbon Beer Bratwurst Bikini Barbecue Hash. Bag vehicle provided. bring a bag but not your airport suitcase.(change of shoes recommended). Maybe bear spray… A to a’ BYOC (chair for the barbeque)

WHAT: B2 115
WHEN: Saturday 13 April 2017 1300 HA: 1330
WHERE: Hillside Park off Abbot https://goo.gl/maps/cqDHwLvPX5T2
WHY: Because GTO wants to give every one a free blowjob to celebrate His Cheetoness’ new position as Uncle Vlad’s cockholster.