B2H3 #29: Ididahash! (Ceremonial Start edition)

Welcum mushers and mushettes! Thank you for traveling all the way to Los Anchorage for the ceremonial start of the Ididahash, an entirely fake hash event (this year) that runs a 1000 mile true trail of flour and sacred nectar out to Nome. We’ve spent the last several weeks flying out to the Interior and Western Alaska dropping off caches of colored flour, beer, and jello shots for the hares to pickup along the way. As you all know this is an entirely live haring kennel, so this sort of staging is critical to ensuring a fun and absurd endurance hash. We expect to have the pack on trail for 35 days, hangovers be damned.

THIS WEEK is the ceremonial start of the Ididahash for those of you who can’t commit to hashing all the way to Nome. Come out for a shorter version that doesn’t leave town. Red Blood and Nipples are going to lead us on a romp through town which will undoubtedly cross some of the historic Iditarod trail. Expect other bigger angrier dogs on trail, so leave yours at home for everyone’s safety.

Who: Red Blood Gives You Wings and Unholy Nipples
What: #29 Ididahash Ceremonial Start
When: Saturday 7 March 2015 13:00. Hares away 13:30
Where: Blue Fox Cocktail Lounge
Why: Because the trail to Nome is long and cold without plenty of beer and snuggling

Trail: A-A ID: Circle only Dogs: NO.

Hash Cash is always $5

Don’t forget that http://greatalaskainterhash.com/ is coming. Rego has already gone up, but you were waiting to pay more because it’s going to a good cause anyway.