B2H3 #31: Ice Mile and Ice 40K

Harriettes and Harriers,

Bust out your ice skates for the first B2H3 Ice Mile and Ice 40k.  What’s an Ice Mile you ask?  (Thanks for asking!) A regular Beer Mile has you drink a beer, run a quarter mile, drink a beer, run a quarter mile, etc. until you’ve run 1 mile. http://www.beermile.com/

But since we’re hashers and this is Alaska and we don’t like doing anything the easy way… we’re going to do it on ice skates.  Chug a beer, skate a lap, etc.

For the more mentally challenged and racist, there is the Ice 40k.  Think 4×40 where instead of drinking a beer, you drink a sweet, sweet 40oz bottle of malt liquor.  Then Skate. And repeat until someone points out that you’ve made a horrible mistake.  You MUST RSVP for the 40k.

Who: Uncle Bondage, Esq., The Nut Wrangler, and Strummin N Cummin
What: IceMile and Ice40k
When: Saturday 21 March 2015 13:00 hash time
Where: Westchester Lagoon
Why: um, I really can’t think of a good reason not to do this

Trail: A-A Dogs: Yes ID: No.

Hash Cash is $5.  40K is $10.

If someone has some firewood and a burn barrel we can have circle out on the little island.