B2H3 #32: Hare Substitutes or Substitute Hairs

Baby strollers with slicks instead of knobbies!  The 2015 PFD application closing!  Toe shoes!  Muddy trails!  That sweet sweet break up stench!  Bear plugs! Is it a Pesach plague or a sign that winter is finally over?

Who: Sandy Hook and George Jake
What: #32 Hair Substitute
When: Saturday 4 April 2015 1330 Hares away 1400
Where: Margaret Egan Sullivan Park (Westchester Lagoon)
Why: The salmon aren’t running yet and there isn’t enough snow to ski.

Shiggy level 3-4 out of 5 green hoodies.

Expect hares to be laying eggs as its that time of hear for rabbits to do that.

Trail is A-A with outdoor circle on the inlet.  ID: No Dogs: YES.  Hash cash is only $5.

Note the time change.  Something about hares something adulting something needing half an hour to drive across town something.