B2H3 33º North. Bear North. BEAR!

Calling all intrepid harriers, harriettes, hounds, and any other folks that enjoy a working off the Friday night hangover, acquiring a great thirst, satisfying it with beer, and making the older hashers feel not as old as they ought to feel:  This week we look to the north (and every other direction) for all the tastiest shiggy that Far North Centennial Park has to offer.  Dead Hooker Disposal Unit has spent so much time in his JK that he’s forgotten that his feet need to been in the mud too.  As do the rest of the body parts.

WHO: Dead Hooker Disposal Unit
WHAT: 33rd Running: 33º North. Bear North.  BEAR!
WHEN: 18 April 2015 @ 1300.  Hare away at 1330.
WHERE: South Bivouac Trailhead off Basher Dr. (61.153301, -149.738088)
WHY: The shiggy is amazing this time of year!

Trail is an A-A.5.  Dogs are welcome. No ID required. Outdoor circle.  Bear spray is a good idea.

Hash cash is only $5.

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