B2H3 40 Eklutna Invasion Trail

Psssst.  A2H3’s anal camp hash is this weekend.  Don’t tell them, but we’re going to invade with shenanigans of our own.

WHO: Uncle Bondage, Esq.
WHAT: B2 #40 – The Eklutna Invasion
WHEN: Saturday 25 July 2015 @ 10:00 Hares at 10:30
WHERE: 61.409340, -149.176390*
WHY: More trails for all the hashers!

Notes: Trail is A-A.  Dogs: yes.  ID: No.  Hash Cash is only $**

*Head up the Glenn Highway to the Eklutna Lake exit.  Travel down Eklutna Lake Road until you SEE the park entrance booth.  Immediately BEFORE the booth, there is a gate on the right.  Follow that road around.  You should cross two rivers and end up in an open gravel area filled with half naked hungover people you have a vague recollection of meeting at some point.  Feed them beer and they will not eat your brains.  Much. https://goo.gl/maps/z3wq4

**If you aren’t going to Camp Hash, you can still come out for this trail.  Hash Cash is $5.  If you stay for anything else you gotta pony up for the rest of the day – $20 but you get no swag.  If you rego’d for the rest of the event, this trail is included.  REGO FOR CAMP HASH NOW! http://mkt.com/anchorage-alaska-hash-house-harriers/camp-hash