B2H3 42: Hitchhikers Guide to The Shiggy

Look at me.  I design coastlines.  I got an award for Norway. I’ve been doing fjords all my life.  For a fleeting moment they become fashionable and I get a major award.

Who: Hashers, Virgins, Hitchhikers, 42, and the like.  And the hares (and the hares) Donnie and Makes Muff Choke.
What: 42
When: 42 – I mean, 1300, H/A 1330
Where: Back lot of South Anchorage Sports Park (the dirt lot)
If you need an addy, it’s 42, err, 789 W Klatt Rd, Anchorage, AK 99515
Why: 42

Notes, rumors, and lies.
Trail will be A-B, a shuttle will be provided.  No ID necessary for trail, possibly for an on after.  Dogs are okay if they can follow directions and not run into traffic – a bit of this trail is BVFC.  Strollers – god no. Kids in packs and on foot are okay. Forty Two.  Also, don’t forget your towel.  Hash cash is always $5