B2H3 45! 44! 46! 69! Hut Hut Hut

Pretend I sound like Howard Cosell.  After you’re done googling Howard Cosell, pretend I have something interesting and witty to say.  Or at least dramatic.  Now that you’re properly primed:  LET’S HASHING!  Saturday is cumming.  It’s gonna be cold and wet and muddy as all get out.  In short – perfect weather for a brisk _un.

Who: Hashers, Virgins, Football Players, and the like.  And the hare (and the hare) Donnie.
What: 44th _unning
When: SATURDAY 3 October – 1300, H/A 1330
Where: Jewel Lake Park – take 88th West from Jewel Lake Road
Why: Because Donnie isn’t sick of hareing yet.  Also, FOOTBALL! season is upon us – so be sure to be in theme.  Wait, what?  A THEMED trail??  Yes, a themed trail about Football!

Notes, rumors, and lies.
Trail will be A-¿?¿ – if it is to B, there will be a shuttle.  Bring ID – anything could happen.  Dogs – anything could happen. Not stroller friendly.  Hash cash is always $5.

YOU haven’t hared a trail yet.  I can smell it on you from here.  Hit me up.  Next trail – 10/17 East is available.  As is pretty much everything from 11/14 onward.  I’m your huckleberry, so I’ll be setting so many trails it’ll make your ass hurt.  Get on this to minimize the pain.

Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Races are on right now.  There are a few left.  The city does its best impression of hashing (its a good impression!) without the beer.  Every Tuesday at 6:30.

Arctic CycloCross has three more races!  If you’ve ever wanted to see what bike hashing looked like in high speed, now’s your chance.  Bring a mountain bike, a cyclocross bike, a unicycle, a fatbike, a case of beer (optional), and $15 bucks out to Goose Lake this Saturday at 10:00 or Kincaid Chalet Sunday at 11:30 for the Men’s Beginner.  Women’s Beginner is one hour later.  Its awesome just to watch.  Heckling HIGHLY encouraged.