Meeting Minutes

5 Minutes Mis Man
Dr. Penis Venkman – That’s Not My Mayo… – Just Glenna (GM) – Uncle Bondage, Esq.

Need whistles – DPV
Need Rabbit Feet – DPV
15 more Little Bear tiles – Stephanie has the awesome hand for that!

Mayo says David @ Signs Now is the go to.  Vinyl stickers too.

Chalk Talk
eats a shitload of flour and chalk.  investigate the cost of doing a banner. (signs now?)

Business cards
chalk talk logos on the backgeneral email contact + FB page (not group) + general trail schedule?

Next Trail
11/29 – South! Who: Venkman/UBE? (probably). Venkman has the history lesson.  UBE needs to come up with history for Hannukah trails.