B2H3 115 Bear Bottom Bourbon Beer Brautwurst Bikini Barbeque Hash

Your hare, Grannies and Trannies, Oh My! says:

Trail starts at Hillside parking lot... Usual time. 1pm. Hares are gay 130. Saturday. 5 dollars hash cash. Its the Bear Bottom Bourbon Beer Bratwurst Bikini Barbecue Hash. Bag vehicle provided. bring a bag but not your airport suitcase.(change of shoes recommended). Maybe bear spray… A to a’ BYOC (chair for the barbeque)

WHAT: B2 115
WHEN: Saturday 13 April 2017 1300 HA: 1330
WHERE: Hillside Park off Abbot https://goo.gl/maps/cqDHwLvPX5T2
WHY: Because GTO wants to give every one a free blowjob to celebrate His Cheetoness’ new position as Uncle Vlad’s cockholster.


Welcum Sister Hasher

Huzzah and congratulations to Cock-tistic (née George Emily), our newest member, who was spontaneously named at trail yesterday.
Buy her a beer and ask how she got her name!


B2 114 Springtime Flyby

What we thought was going to happen


What actually happened

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B2H3 113 Nuts in the Sun Trail

Nuts in the Sun Trail
~Schweddy Balls of Flour

When: 15 April 2017 13:00 – Hare away 13:30
Where:  Parking Lot behind Peanut Farm :: Corner of Juneau St. and East 54th Ave.

This trail commemorates the 60th analversary of the great Alaskan peanut farmer, Lee Cole.  He arrived in Anchorage on April 15, 1957 with plans for a seaside peanut plantation.  After struggling with frozen, snow-covered fields for a year he famously wrote “It’s too damn cold for peanuts! … I’m building a bar” in his quarterly report to investors.  By May of 1958 he began building the original 2,000 sq. ft. log building which he named in honor of his failed plantation.  Today the Peanut Farm is “20,000 feet of FUN!”  Most importantly, it has beer.

On-After: Blue Fox

$ 5 Hashjobs

Trail is dogchild friendly if they’re leashed (lots of traffic).

Bar is not dogchild friendly.

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B2H3 112: Food Truck Festival Hash

WHO: Schweddy Balls of Flour and Hana Ho
WHAT: B2 112: Food Truck Festival Hash
WHEN: Saturday April 1, 13:00
WHERE: Alaska State Fair Grounds, 2075 Glenn Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645
WHY: Because the hares are going anyway.

Here’s what the hare said about trail: “I understand It’s a yard sale with funnel cake. Maybe you need some furniture? Maybe you need some trail? It’s supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees so dress appropriately. I’m sure everything will work out.”
No this isn’t a joke! Travel hash to Palmer! Kids should be OK, dogs are unknown. As always, hash cash is just $5. And fuck you Jew’d Us, because I know you won’t read this anyway.


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