24 Trails in 24 Hours

From the same great halfminds that brought you other spectacularly stupid trails as 12 Trails of Hashmas, 8 Trails of Hashmukkah, and the 4 x 40 Ice Challenge …

24 Trails in 24 Hours!

That’s right, 24 hours of hashing. On 25 June 2016, just a few days after summer solstice, the Bear Bottom Hash House Harriers are hosting an entire day dedicated to hashing in an entire day of daylight!

For the low low price of $25 you get:
•Hard starts every 3 hours•Trails 1-2 miles in all kinds of shiggy
•Sweet patch with all kinds of flair for every trail you run
•Some kind of sag wagon to move your shit from A-B
•Did we mention beer?
•Great Alaskan Weather
•24 hours of daylight!

Rego discounts for all the hares.  Send an email to onsec@b2h3.com to rego or volunteer to hare.