B2H3 60 Pallets, Tires, and Beers – OH MY!

Just like a bunch of college sophomores, we’ve all been very responsible when it come to bagging it up, but now it’s time to haul out a little more than we brought in. I’m talking about rubbish, of course. Long Story Short Dick has been balls-deep in the Wizard of Oz, and on this trail he’ll be laying a yellow brick road for you to follow. Don’t be a farm girl from Kansas; refrain from trespassing, assault, and murder. Bring your dog, watch out for witches.

WHO: Long Story Short Dick
WHAT: Wizard of OZ meets Coastal Cleanup
WHEN: Saturday 16 April 2016 1300 Hare Away 1330
WHERE: Fish Creek Park 3907 E Turnagain Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99517
WHY: Why not make the parks better for everyone while acquiring a great thirst and satisfying it with beer?

Trail is A-A. Everybody bring a safeway/carrs bag for some mild trash pickup and be ready for some good ass beer for the kennel and a Turkey Eagle split. ID – NO; Kids – SURE; Dogs – YES