5 Min Mis Man Meeting Notes

TRAIL: Saturday! West! Uncle Bondage! Mata Harey!

TRAIL MARKINGS: [] to be removed. √ to be added

TILES: Fired, ready to be glazed

PATCH: UB,E. to send Venkman latest graphic.

HAPPI COATS: UB,E. to talk to neck beard at thread store about 1 or 2 prototype patches.  Venkman to talk to Korea about getting 1 or 2 coats made.

Special Events
HASHMUKKAH – Single rego for all events.  $10? $15? No circle but for last trail.
Patch designs –  Rego gets the base patch + per run patches.  Sample to be produced.  Embroider to order.

KWANSASH – Confirm date.  Pester Mouthy.

12 TRAILS OF HASHMAS – Venkman to draft some patch ideas; find some hares.

COLLABORATIVE IDEAS – trails or otherwise
via Georgy Porgy

Traditional A2H3 Events with A2H3 funding
1.       Interhash
2.       Red Dress Run
3.       Hash Summer Campout

Along with hashing, what else is there to do in Anchorage?
A2H3 has made contributions for:
Pub Crawl(s) – usually a great amount of tension and contention associated with these.
Event Registrations

1.       New Year’s Party
2.       Winter Campout
3.       Curling Event
4.       Bear and Barley Wine Festival
5.       Outhouse Races
6.       Iditarod Appreciation Drinking
7.       Ski Train
8.       Talkeetna Beer Festival
9.       Slush Cup
10.   Easter Egg Hunt
11.   St. Patty’s Day
12.   Cinco de Mayo
13.   Home brew for Interhash (GNBC)
14.   Scottish Games
15.   Fairbanks Regatta
16.   Oktoberfest
17.   Halloween Party
18.   World Peace through Beer
19.   12 days to Christmas
20.   Polar Plunge
21.   Klondike Relay
22.   Haines Brew Fest
23.   MSBC 20th
24.   Fireweed 400
25.   Running of the Reindeer (Fur Rondy)
26.   Flattop Summer Solstice
27.   State Fair
28.   12/5 21st Repeal Amendment (Prohibition)
29.   Mud Run
30.   3 Barons Fair (Renaissance)
31.   Moose Dropping Festival- Last event was in 2009
32.   Forest Fair
33.   MSBC 20th B-day (2015)
34.   4th of July (McCarthy Campout)
35.   Dipnetting for Reds
36.   Spring Clamming at Clam Gulch
·         Misc Brew Fests
·         Misc Music Festivals
·         Coordinate with Running Calendar
·         Coordinate with skiing calendar
·         Coordinate with biking Calendar