B2H3 #6: Low Flying Fruits

Hear ye hear ye,
CUMS NOW Bear Bottom Hash House Harriers by and through its attorney, Uncle Bondage, Esq., for which it alleges:

1. Saturday December 13th is a hashing day;
2. The pack will gather at 1pm;
3. The hares will be away at 1:30pm;
4. The hares will depart from Pop Carr Park (Hampshire Blvd. & Westbury Dr.);
5. The trail will be A to A.5;
6. The trail will be mixed urban, but dog friendly;
7. ID will be required for Circle.

WHEREFORE the petitioner prays for the following relief:

1. That the pack does pay $5 hash cash;
2. That the pack does attempt to catch the half minded hare;
3. That the whole pack is happy.

RESPECTFULLY submitted this 12th day of December, 2014.

Uncle Bondage, Esq.