$5 Trash

Holy Balls was it cold out at Potter Marsh for the 5 dollar make you hollah hashtravaganza.  Despite the utter crap weather and threats of ice skating, a hand full of intrepid hashers came out.  Thanks for your continued support Stretch Assstrong, Dr. Penis Venkman & Just Cool Hand Luke, Takes A Bigger Cock, Unholy Nipples, Meat Rackretad, Not Too Sharpie, Minnesota Goat Fucker & Just Finn McGee, No Chodes Barred.  Welcome for the first time Mandingo Massacre and Georgy Porgy.

With a quick cha cha cha, the hare was away and has no clue what a shitshow was brewing behind him.  On trail he did note two important things that lead ultimately to his being awarded the hashit.  First that snow plows were obliterating hash behind him.  Second, that some motherfucker found his resupply cache of flour and beer, including an awesome bear claw bottle opener.  Said motherfuckers spread the flour over the snowy marsh and nicked the beer.

The lack of additional flour and beer was of little import as the pack, finding the bag of beer suspended off a covered bridge AND seeing that there was an “If Found” message on a paper in the bag, FAILED to see the CB3 on the same page.  The brave souls muddled about trying to figure out what the fuck to do for a few minutes and called the hare.  The hare, quite lathered up at this point having been running for two hours, heard that the pack was only at the halfway point and realized that SHIT HAS GONE HORRIBLY SIDEWAYS.  Sure enough, one hour later, immediately upon arriving back at the start, the hare received a second phone call demanding evacuation from Noble Point Drive.  Just Cool Hand Luke and Just Finn McGee succumbed to the elements and were not having a good time anymore.

The dogs safe in running trucks, the rest of the pack held a quick outdoor circle, racing against the autostart shutoff, and fucked off as quick as possible to the bar.

The Hashmukkah Miracle starts 12/16 and hares are needed!
Kwanzaas is coming with The 12 Trails of Christmas shortly afterwards. Dates Soon!