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B2 114 Springtime Flyby

What we thought was going to happen


What actually happened

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B2 109 Track

Welcum Brother Hasher

Join us in giving a rousing B2 welcum to the latest George to join us – OLD FACEFUL (née George Andrew).  Buy him a beer and ask him to tell you a story!

Words for 24/24

Congratulations to all the intrepid half-minds who boldly charged into 24 Trails in 24 Hours.  10 Hashers told their friends they were cumming, 15  showed up throughout the night.  Three hashers were either so committed, so drunk, or just to crazy to quit – going Down On A bull moose, Unnecessary Penetration, and Low Key ran the entire trail – clocking 35 miles.  Good job you ultra race-ists.  Uncle Bondage managed to stay alive for the entire event by strategically “supporting the event” driving the Shag Wagon during the longest legs.  He may have been spotted napping during his “support” legs.

Thanks to all the hares: DOA (twice!), Uncle B, Colorado Steamer, Unnecessary Penetration, Just Heather, Red Blood Gives You Wings!, Just Alyssa, Matthew McKindaGay, and Subaru nmy HUHU. Rumors of Dr. Penis Venkman and Low Key snaring Uncle Bondage, may or may not be true, but one thing is certain – Just Mickey (woof) accidentally hared trail 3 with Uncle B.

Double special thanks to Matthew, Red Blood, and Subaru for showing up with food, and hot bevvys.  Once the rain set in y’all kept everyone’s spirits up and let us keep going.

Thanks for making another incredibly dumb B2 event a success!


Welcum Brother Hasher

Here’s to brother hasher Lost & Found (Formerly known as George Matt)

Welcum back Midnight Sun H3

Bear Bottom extends a warm welcome home to the Midnight Sun Hash House Harriers. Originally founded in the late 2000s by Madonna and Unholy Nipples to give more opportunities to hash for all the hashers. MSH3 has been on an extremely irregular schedule since then. No Longer! MSH3 will be hosting trail Sundays monthly through the winter and during the week in the summer.

MSH3 is a FAMILY FRIENDLY KENNEL. In order to maintain the family friendly nature membership is by approval. If you want details about the group or any trails, you must contact Georgy Porgy or Silent Butt Daddy.

The reinagural trail is Sunday 17 January so act fast if you want to get in on the most exclusive kennel in Los Anchorage.

Welcome Brother Hasher

Thank you for joining the community Brother D.O.A (going Down On A bull moose)

Thank yous 

A thousand thank yous to Cream and Scream, Bitch Tits, Danger Mouse, Pony Keg, Just Archer, and Weinerhasher for offering up the sweet, sweet, warm garage for us to have Circle. Twice as many thanks for cramming our gullets full of delicious chili.  Congratulations on leveling up The Uniballer.  Finally, I’d Fuck Me, you’re on notice for causing George Rhyss to get snared – you won the Hashit. 

Great Success! A Hashmukkah Wrap Up.

The Bear Bottom Hash House Hare and Hound Hashing Society would like to extend our most sincere thanks for all of you true blue hashers who came out for the Miracle of Hashmukkah.  It was the first attempt at a run series for B2.  Despite it being a colossally silly idea, y’all came out for it.  Thank you.  In 8 days of trails we had 58 bodies on trail including some virgins.  For a brand new kennel running on week nights in the winter, that’s amazing.

Special thanks go out to the Hares: Minnesota Goat Fucker, Donnie The Retard, Unholy Nipples, and I’d Fuck Me.  And thanks to anyone who suffered through another one of Uncle Bondage’s trails.  Congratulations also go out to I’d Fuck Me for being the very first hare in B2’s long and illustrious history to be snared.  Unholy Nipples & Red Blood Gives You Wings and Takes A Bigger Cock & Stretch Ass Strong nearly snared Uncle B on two separate trails, but damn can that racist run when doesn’t want to give it up.

Hashit for the entire series was awarded to Dr. Penis Venkman for having come up with the idea in the first place.  Thanks for the excuse to go running every night brother.

Hashmukkah Patches are in the works:
Donnie The Retard, Struggle Snuggle, Dr. Penis Venkman, Red Blood Gives You Wings, Mandingo Massacre, Uncle Bondage, Esq. Stretch Ass Strong, Unholy Nipples, I’d Fuck Me, Minnesota Goat Fucker
Tell Uncle B you paid for a patch dammit if you aren’t on this list.

The Hashmukkah Miracle Continues

Two more great nights of hashing in the spirits of the season are under our belts!  Hazzzah to you all Brother and Sister Hashers!  Thank you all for making B2H3 a great place to be.

The second night of Hashmukkah was led by Minnesota Goat Fucker and Just Finn McGeeUncle Bondage, No Choades Barred, Dr. Penis Venkman, Just Cool Hand Luke, Takes A Bigger Cock, Unholy Nipples, Donnie The Retard, Struggle Snuggle, Red Blood Gives You Wings, and Doktor Helga von Boobin’ braved the beer free trail.  WELCUM Just George Micheal Hunt and Just George Mrs. Michael Hunt, who were foolish enough to trust Dr. Venkman. They had a good time on trail anyway and WILL BE BACK.

The third night of Hashmukkah was a frigid bitch out at Ocean View Park, no not that one the other one.  Donnie The Retard laid trail for us and may have used the Bare Check for the first time in Bear Bottom history.  Well done sir.  Uncle Bondage, Stretch Ass Strong, Dr. Penis Venkman, Just Cool Hand Luke, That 70s Bush, Struggle Snuggle, Unholy Nipples, and I’d Fuck Me rounded out the pack.

Fri 12/19 – 4th Night: Unholy Nipples – Fred Meyers near Victor Road
Sat 12/20 – 5th Night: BYE NIGHT  – A2’s 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas
Sun 12/21 – 6th Night: I’d Fuck Me – LOCATION TBD
Mon 12/22 – 7th Night: Dr. Penis Venkman – LOCATION TBD
Tue 12/23 – 8th Night: Uncle Bondage, Esq. – LOCATION TBD ***Circle to follow***