B2H3 100! Second Analversary

Two years and a hundred trails.  That’s damn near a trail a week.  You already know we’re too stupid to not run year round.  You must expect that we’re to stupid to quit while we’re ahead.  We can only assume that means you like what we have on offer and want more (more) (more) (moar).  So bring on the heavy sweating, maybe we’ll get you some heavy petting.  Bring your best union suit.  Butt flap encouraged.

WHO: Dr. Penis Venkman & Uncle Bondage, Esq.
WHAT: B2’s Second Analversary – UNION SUIT RUN
WHEN: Saturday 15 October 2016 – 1300 Hares away 1330
WHERE: Kincaid Park – Raspberry Parking Lot https://goo.gl/maps/PWerTpeXLmS2
WHY: Who doesn’t love chasing moose wearing union suits?  Or wearing a union suit to chase a moose?

A-A; Dogs OK; Strollers NO; ID Circle; Hash Cash $5

29 October – Banana Nut Bred – #101 Sinners Run
12 November – going Down On A bull moose & Rojo Hammer Toe (Aurora!) – #102 Nun’s The Word (costume run)
26 November – YOU?