B2H3 101: 1st Anal Hash-O’Face-Ween Creepy Clown Pub Crawl

Event name: 1st Anal Hash-o-Weenie B2 Creepy Clown Pubcrawl

Cum one and all to the 1st ever B2 pubcrawl. Subaru in My Hoo Hoo and Matthew McKindagay have been terrified, nay inspired by the spook-tacular creepy clown sitings across the US and we want to chance getting shot by anti-clown vigilantes. #clownliversmatter. Gear up in your costume of choice, prizes for best/worst and get ready to brave Anchorage’s finer establishments.

Where: Crossroads Lounge (It’s Where Friends Meet)
When: 1600 or 4pm
What: Costume encouraged happy fun time. A-A or A.5.

ID: Definitely

Dogs: not unless you want to tie them up outside stops

Kids: Let’s make some new babies

Money: $5 hash cash. Hares will provide some beer, but once we run out you’re on your own.