B2H3 #28: I swear we aren’t breaking up

Aloha harriers and harriettes!  All the warm weather has and sunshine has everyone thinking that its nearly time to break out the bikinis.  Maybe not that far, but it sure feels like Breakup is already here.  IT ISN’T.  IT’S STILL WINTER.  HONEST!!!  Not that it matters because Hashers run regardless of the conditions, this Saturday is no exception! Cum bear or melt water, Saturday is a hashing day.

Who: I’d Fuck Me and Just Dana
What: #28 I swear we aren’t breaking up
When: Saturday 21 February 2015 13:00.  Hares away 13:30
Where: Turpin Park 201 Oklahoma St
Why: Because Just Dana is popping her Harriette Cherry

Trail: A-A.5 ID: REQUIRED Dogs: No.

Hash Cash is always $5

Don’t forget that http://greatalaskainterhash.com is coming.  Rego has already gone up, but you were waiting to pay more because it’s going to a good cause anyway.