B2H3 #35 77 Trails later

It was a scant 77 trails ago that I’d Fuck Me and Donnie the Retard joined the ranks of half-minds dedicated to confusing, misleading, and otherwise annoying the pack who only wanted to go and find a beer.  Today they back at their shenanigans on the west side of town trying to make sure you can get a down-down-down-down (why are we waiting…)

WHO: I’d Fuck Me & Donnie the Retard
WHAT: 40 pounds of flour and 77 trails ago…
WHEN: Saturday 30 May 1300 (HA 1330)
WHERE: Earthquake Park
WHY: Because they love you and want you to be happy!

Trail is A-B; Dogs ok on trail.  ID is required.  Shiggy 3 of 5.  Hash cash is always $5.