B2H3 34: Fist Anal Get under the bus Venkman Bear Run

Ahoy Harriers and Harriettes!
Bare all for the first anal bear bottom bear run. It’s time to party like it’s 1915. Don your finest union suit (You primed that shit right?) and prepare to get shiggy with Dr. Penis Venkman and Uncle Bondage, Esq.

WHO: All y’all
WHAT: The Anal Bear Run
WHEN: 5/16 at 13:00 (Hare away at 13:30).
WHERE: Campbell Creek Park
2499 E 48th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99507
Trail: A-B  Dogs: NO ID: YES

Hash cash is always $5.

Always a good idea to get the hares to commit to where trail start is before the On-Sec sends out an email.  Commit twice if the On-Sec is a hare.  Also a good idea to not let the On-sec near a keyboard sober.  Mostly.