B2H3 48 Hare School!

Hare Ye! Hair Ye! Bring out your Georges!  It’s winter and everyone needs a reminder about how hard it is to see markings in the snow.  We’re going to do a series of mini trials where some George who hasn’t hared or some hasher who thinks they’re hot shit grabs a bag of flour, a beer and blind sets an A-A in 15 minutes.  Then with the hare, the pack will follow along.  The hare will get to see how the pack acts, what they see, whether or not the hotshit haring is anything but a shitty trail! Wash, rinse, repeat! Uncle Bondage and Mandingo will be providing gentle guidance.  At least one of those people is qualified.  The other is just hairy.

WHO: All the Georges
WHAT: B2 #48 Hare School
WHEN: Saturday 14 November 13:00 – Hares away 13:30
WHERE: Parking lot near
WHY: Because this shit is harder than you think and there is always room to improve.

All the trails will be A-A.  If you are interested send an email to onsec@b2h3.com or let me know when you get to trail.  The hash will provide the flour and beer.
ID for circle, Dogs and strollers should be fine for trail. Hash cash is always $5.