B2H3 50 – 7th Trail Of Hashmukkah

On the seventh trail of hashmukkah, my true hare gave to me, a confusing mixed metaphor and the first trail of hashmukkah!  Just Rhyss has enough flour for just one trail.  Come out to see how long he can make it last.

WHO: Just Rhyss
WHAT: B2H3 50 – 7th Trail of Hashmukkah
WHEN: Saturday 12 December 13:00 – Hare away 13:30WHERE: Abbot Loop Community Park (approx 8098 Elmore Road)
WHY: It’s the miracle of hashmukkah – the miracle being that someone is setting trail

Trail will be A-A.  Dog friendly.  Strollers might be tough.  No ID required on trail, but may be for circle.  Expect circle to be outdoors (and brief).  Assuming the Religious Advisor doesn’t do his yob and order up nice weather, the fill in may opt to move the circle to a nearby bar.

Hash cash is always $5.

Hit up Uncle B with your volunteer dates for Hashmas.  Any interest in invading  Aurora/Squarebanks during the New Years timeframe?