B2H3 56 post VD drip?

It’s been six days since that hot and steamy VD that seemed like such a great idea. The penicillin should be working right now. Why do your pants still feel funny? Maybe because they’re racist ranger panties and you got punched in the junk. 

WHO: I’d Fuck Me

WHAT: 56th running of the bush buster has… dammit that’s not right

WHEN: Saturday 20 February 2016 1300 Hare @ 1330

WHERE: Chuck Albrecht softball field at the south east corner of MLK and Elmore

WHY: beer!

A-A. Dogs! Strollers? ID – circle. Hash cash $5!

NEXT TRAIL: 5 March The Ice Mile!

Speaking of STDs, save the date of 25 June 2016 for the 24 Trails in 24 Hours!