B2H3 59th All Trails Go Up Hill

The weather is beautiful, sunny, and warm.  It must be time for shorts and tank tops!  Plus its spring break! So glorious!  Just kidding y’all.  Los Anchorage got a couple inches of the white stuff last night, the hillside got more.  Our clever hares are going to drag us through all of it.  With all the schizophrenic weather expect lots of dirty, moisty, and more dirty on trail.  And Ice.  Not the Mickey’s kind, but that will be available for circle if you want it.

WHO: Does the Finger Count? and going Down On A bull moose
WHAT: B2H3 59th UpHill
WHEN: Saturday 19 March 2016 1300 – Hares away 1330
WHERE: 8601 Kushtaka Circle 99504
WHY: Spring Break whoooooO!!!!!! Party time!!

Trail A-A. Stroller: NO Dogs: YES Ice cleats: YES Ice Cleats: YES ICE CLEATS: YES Ice Climbing Gear: Optional Hash cash is always $5 – No coins unless your names is Fucking Jewedass.

Hate how the hares are laying trail?  Do it yourself!  Trails in April are available!