B2H3 #62 SnatchChat

Cum one cum all to see if Red Blood can manage two trails in one week! Trail is A-B, shuttle back to A prior to circle.  This is a “Tech on Trail” trail, which means you are not just encouraged to bring your tech on trail, but actually asked to do so. This will be a photo scavenger hunt trail, but don’t worry, this ain’t yo mama’s photo scavenger hunt. Unless yo mama liked running. In which case, might be similar.

WHO: Red Blood Gives You Wings!
WHAT: B2’s 62nd trail – SnatchChat
WHEN: Saturday April 30th, 2016 @ 1300, Hariette away at 1330
WHERE: Elderberry Park, 1297 W 5th Ave
WHY: Because it’s spring time in Alaska, enjoy it while it lasts! Also, prizes!

Kids/strollers: Wouldn’t recommend
Dogs: Also wouldn’t recommend
ID: Abso-fucking-lutely
Hash cash is $5.

Don’t forget that the price for 24 Trails in 24 Hours goes up 1 June.  Rego early rego often. https://squareup.com/store/b2h3/