B2H3 65 Blood replacement? You’ve Been Fucked!

Aloha hookers!  It was a bit of a loose carry but we’re on the full with details for this weeks trail! The hares have a prepared a bit of a show and go whilst mounting a typical umbrella defense to the pack’s scramble.  It’s the RA’s call whether they’re offsides or if they get to knock-on. Regardless, there’s always time for the in and out before they take a proper facial.

WHO: Rush Gumballz & Long Story Short Dick
WHAT: B2 #65 – Blood replacement? YBF
WHEN: Saturday 28 May 2016 – 13:00 – HA 13:30
WHERE: Davis Park (Chalet) in Mountain View
WHY: Because someone is going to get a special prize if they figure out what that mess above is on about.

A-A – Dogs/Strollers at your own risk – ID YES – Be prepared for a Rush Trail – Hash Cash is $5

31 MAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGO FOR THE CHEAP RATE FOR 24/24! Price doubles to $48 on 1 June.  Rego early – rego often! https://squareup.com/store/b2h3/