B2H3 #96: Swill Team Six @ Camp Hash

B2H3, in the finest of half-minded and half thought through plans, is hosting* a Swill Team Six mission at A2’s Camp Hash.  Think the Go Ruck challenge for hashers.  Since we’re hashers we’re not going to so much encourage jock-strapping as aggressively pretend we’re doing something difficult.**

Banana Nut Bred, still so fresh and so clean from Best Korea that he’s sweating soju, will be haring a trail bad ass enough to whip even the most limp egg whites into stiff peaks.  The mission load out is this:

  • 6 beers (BYOB),
  • something to carry the beers in, OR
  • a roll of duct tape (Obviously this is a typo, a roll of duct tape should never be optional)

WHO: Banana Nut Bred, all of A2
WHAT: B2H3 #96 at Camp Hash – SWILL TEAM SIX
WHEN: Saturday 20 August 2016 @ 0hungover thirty; Hare away sometime before hash o’limpdicks – possibly around 10:00
WHERE: A2H3 Camp Hash near Hope
WHY: No guts, no glory!  For the soju!

Trail is A-A, not stroller friendly, well behaved dogs, NO ID, NO HASH CASH

* Hosting is such a strong word.  It’s much more like someone had a better idea and we’re trying to take credit for it.

** Except for when we do and then just pretend we’re doing it ironically.