B2H3 #97: Wasp Racing

Workers & Socialist Party?  White Anglo-Saxon Protestant?  The nasty little stripy bastards infesting all the fun parts of Los Anchorage?  Trust me when I say peeing on it will make it feel better.  There will be plenty of people to pee on it.

WHO: Banana Nut Bred
WHAT: B2’s 97th Trail
WHEN: TOMORROW Saturday 3 September 13:00 Hare Away 13:30
WHERE: Earthquake Park off Northern Lights https://goo.gl/maps/A3BVaS5pLBN2
WHY: It’s the last days of summer, the first days of fall, the weather is amazing, and this beer isn’t going to drink itself.  Cum run!

A-A; No ID; Dog Friendly; No Strollers; Hash Cash is only $5
Be epipen aware!


  1. You’re going to hare on 17 September or 1 October!  Let Uncle know which one.
  2. A happi coat order is in the works.  We’re putting together an order of Korean made happi coats.  They will be a heavy cotton similar to the coats Uncle made, but will actually be produced in a more timely fashion.  They will also be cheaper than having Uncle do it.  Did I mention they will actually be made?  The exact price isn’t set yet, but we should know next week.  Let me know if you want in.