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Team Bear Bottom

Aloha race-ists!  Here’s yet another opportunity to nerd out with metrics for running.  Some of you already use Strava to track your runs.  Now there’s a way for us all to track the hashes.  Yup, we’re a Strava Club! Hopefully this will give us a good way to record where we run so future hares can explore new areas!  Or revisit old favorites.

Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Races

The closest thing to hashing you’ll ever do. Plus it’s a great way to see how similarly inclined folks use the terrain 

Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Races

Raceist Radio Callout

We’ve all tried to forget that 24 in 24 was a thing, but one of our raceists got a shout-out in an ultra-runner podcast recently. During Episode 34 of Ten Junk Miles, going Down On A bull moose was mentioned by his mortal name at around the 59-minute mark. They gave him kudos for his 35-mile “long run.” If only they knew the half of it…

If you’d like to listen to the episode, you can visit site and download a copy here: