Hashmukkah First Night & Trail Schedule

Thanks to Unholy Nipples, Donnie The Retard, Takes a Bigger Cock, Struggle Snuggle, Stretch AssStrong, Just Sarah 8Toes, Just Cool Hand Luke (Our Beloved GM), and Dr. Penis Venkman for joining the festivities of hash for the first night run around Resolution Park.

Hope y’all are ready for 7 more great trails!

Wed 12/17  – 2nd Night: Minnesota Goat Fucker – 4300 Boniface Parkway 99504
Thu 12/18 – 3rd Night: Donnie The Retard – Ocean View Park, Jarvi Drive Side. GPS: 61.0982192,-149.8603216
Fri 12/19 – 4th Night: Unholy Nipples – Fred Meyers near Victor Road
Sat 12/20 – 5th Night: BYE NIGHT  – A2’s 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas
Sun 12/21 – 6th Night: I’d Fuck Me – LOCATION TBD
Mon 12/22 – 7th Night: Dr. Penis Venkman – LOCATION TBD
Tue 12/23 – 8th Night: Uncle Bondage, Esq. – LOCATION TBD ***Circle to follow***

-Uncle Bondage, Esq.
On-Sec, Idiot Hare